Irish Racing Tips

Irish Racing is where the Savvy Punter Searches for Value in 2019

Carl Nicholson's Irish Racing Tips average a 40% Strike Rate and a 20% ROI 

Carl Nicholson

For some time I've been turning to Irish Racing for additional bets and profit and the more I focus on the Irish Racing the more I realise that it is actually better than British racing in many regards.

It's like the good old days when we had big fields and weren't worn down with action from dawn to dusk seven days a week. 

And we all know what big fields mean, they mean value bets..

Big Fields Mean Value Bets

Launched in May 2019 the profit has averaged out at over £400 per month.

And maybe more importantly the strike rate has consistently held at 40% +.

Although we all want profit and that is the ultimate goal a high strike rate is an important consideration in helping punters to keep the faith.

Irish Racing Tips Profit Chart